Pilgrim’s Progress

Ross Cumming was an outstanding Pilgrim. It is a long role, and requires a consistency of performance from the artist. Cumming was a very human, fallible Pilgrim. His great solo scene in prison was finely done, but from his first cry of ‘What shall I do?’ to his reception into the celestial city, Cumming took Pilgrim on a real journey, taking us with him. An outstanding performance.’ PLANET HUGHILL (2023)

‘In the last analysis, Pilgrim’s Progress stands by the vocal and dramatic stature of the singer in the title role. Here we had Ross Cumming who was in full command of the role and both vocally and physically he was able to portray Pilgrim very convincingly. I especially admired his account of the extended solo when Pilgrim is in prison and fully expecting to be executed by the citizens of Vanity the following morning (Act III, Scene 2). At first Cumming portrayed the despair and anguish of Pilgrim, followed by the exalted resolve once he realises he has the Key of Promise which means he can extricate himself from prison. Cumming was splendid throughout this scene…….I would like to think that Cumming might get an opportunity to repeat his portrayal one day, perhaps in a fully staged production…’  JOHN QUINN (2023)

‘One of the highlights was the scene in Vanity Fair, where the singers seem to mock Pilgrim with great gusto taunting him with offers of fleshly delights. Pilgrim in the form of Ross Cumming, stood firm and the chorus joined him in the celestial city, their faces shining with the knowledge of a job well done.’  NORMAN LEBRECHT (2023)


‘Dominic Sedgwick is a fine Albert, while Robin Horgan and Ross Cumming, as the louche friends of the Bailiff, bring welcome comic touches.’  THE STAGE (2023)

‘Alan Ewing was a proud Bailiff, while his drinking friends Schmidt (Robin Horgan) and Johann (Ross Cumming) were both credible cameos.’ BACHTRACK (2023)

The man who mistook his wife for a hat

‘In 2019 I reported from the Dialogues des Carmélites at the RNCM, Manchester where baritone Ross Cumming excelled in the role of Le Marquis de la Force. Cumming works hard at his acting and as Dr. P put his heart and soul into this demanding role and it paid dividends, creating a fascinating character able to shroud himself with significant tension.’ MICHAEL COOKSON (2022)

Marilyn Forever

‘In ‘Marilyn Forever’ Cumming excels in a constant state of metamorphosis as “The Men”, at one point as her incompatible husband Arthur Miller, at another tempestuously suggestive of previous partner Joe DiMaggio, but mostly he’s a shifting cipher of the species.’  VOX CARNYX (2022)

Ross Cumming returns to the stage, in a role termed ‘The Men’ (in Marilyn’s life), later including Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, in what were impressively fine characterisations, both vocally and dramatically.’ EDINBURGH MUSIC REVIEW (2022)

Diaglogues des Carmelites

‘Standing out in the male roles Ross Cumming as the Le Marquis de la Force displayed a baritone that was pleasingly clear with an attractive tone.’ THE GUARDIAN (2019)